What Counts As A Dental Emergency? Ask A Local Cashmere & Leavenworth Emergency Dentist

If you’re suffering a serious dental injury in Cashmere, you may need emergency dentistry. Whether you have cracked or broken teeth, or even knocked out teeth, it’s important to get emergency dental care right away.

But how do you know if you should see an emergency dentist? Here, we outline 5 signs of serious dental emergencies, so that you can know when to get the help you need!

1. Serious Oral Bleeding

If you’re experiencing severe, nonstop oral bleeding, you should see an emergency dentist right away. Whether it’s caused by a head or facial injury, or any other cause, constant bleeding is a sign that something is seriously wrong inside your mouth.

2. Severe Pain

Severe pain is another sign of a dental emergency. If you suffered a facial injury and are in serious pain after several hours, or pain has appeared in your mouth for no clear reason, you may be suffering from a serious dental issue, and you should see an emergency dentist right away.

3. Loose Or Missing Teeth

This one is obvious, but should be stated nonetheless. A missing tooth is one of the most serious dental emergencies, so you should locate your tooth and get to a dentist as soon as you can. If you act quickly, the tooth can be re-implanted.

However, loose teeth are almost as dangerous. If you do not see a dentist right away, a loosened tooth could decay and fall out of your mouth, and you may not be able to save it. If you have a loose or missing tooth, see an emergency dentist immediately.

4. Excessive Swelling In The Mouth Or Face

Even if your teeth seem unaffected, serious swelling of your gums and cheeks and internal damage like cuts or lacerations to your cheeks, tongue, and lips are considered a dental emergency.

If you experience significant swelling in your mouth, accompanied by bleeding, see an emergency dentist or oral surgeon right away.

5. Extreme Tooth Sensitivity

If you have recently suffered a traumatic facial injury and you have one or more teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold foods, or to the outside air, you could be experiencing a dental emergency.

Tooth sensitivity is a sign that something is not right, and it’s possible that you may have chipped or cracked your tooth without realizing it. If you continue to experience tooth hypersensitivity, seek emergency dentistry right away.

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