Dr. Ryan Busk

Meet Dr. Ryan Busk

Growing up in Buckley, WA, my first professional aspiration was not to be a dentist. Actually, all I wanted to be was a logger. I dressed up as one for Halloween when I was five, six and seven years old. I had a toy chainsaw, hardhat, the whole kit.

I did, eventually, realize my dream of becoming a logger, not the tree cutting, flannel wearing type, but the University of Puget Sound variety instead (much geekier, but MUCH safer!).



After graduating from UPS with a BS in Chemistry, I spent a yearlong sabbatical at Alta Ski Resort, where I sold tickets part-time and skied full time. Refreshed from a year off, I followed Dr. Janie East, attending dental school at the University of Pittsburgh.

Following graduation, Janie and I were hired to work with the underserved in Okanogan County at Family Health Centers.

Albert Schweitzer said, "Life becomes harder for us as we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier.” Over time, my understanding of that quote has become deeper, especially after marrying Dr. Janie and having a family of my own.

Devoting my time, love, and energy to the three of them has helped me grow tremendously! As a dental clinician, I've grown more patient and understanding. I strive to meet my patients where they are, not where I think they should be. I spend much more time listening and trying to understand what they want and how I can help them achieve it.

Caring for your oral health is a great honor and privilege. I strive to partner with my patients to help improve and maintain the condition of their mouth.



We're so lucky to live in the third age of medicine when science is discovering so many links between gum disease and systemic health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

As a dentist, I never thought I would be able to play such an important role in disease prevention. This gets me excited about the future and my role as your dentist.

When my dental career is finished, I know that my legacy will be measured by how successfully I taught my patients not to need me.

I see it as my job, and the job of our team, to teach each and every one of our patients how to take such good care of their teeth and gums, that they never need any dental work outside of routine check-ups. I'm excited to meet you and learn how I can help you!

Being part of the Wenatchee community is also important to our practice. As we belong to the local Chamber.

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