Healthy Kids, Healthy Teeth

We love working with children, and, being parents ourselves, are keenly aware of the challenges of keeping kid’s teeth healthy. It is so important to begin teaching your children the basics of dental hygiene at a young age, and it’s equally imperative that your child’s dentist is kind, gentle, and knows how to communicate with young patients.

Visits to the dentist during these formative years can greatly impact the way your children view trips to the dental office for their entire life. Dr. Janie Busk and Dr. Ryan Busk love partnering with parents to give children the precious gift of a cavity-free mouth for life.


Your Child's First Appointment

For your children’s first appointment in our practice, we'll take the time to get to know them and assess their level of comfort in the dental environment. Their exam will be tailored to their age and their level of comfort. Dr. Janie Busk and Dr. Ryan Busk want this experience to be fun and free from fear. Whatever our child’s age, they will go out of their way to ensure that they know and understand your child’s needs and tailor the visit to meet those needs and alleviate any fears.

During the initial children’s dentistry exam, Dr. Busk will carefully check that teeth are growing in properly and make sure there is no decay. Then a team member will perform a gentle cleaning and go over the basics of dental hygiene. We will work patiently to help your child fully understand the importance of at-home care.


Growing Teeth

As your child grows, we can provide important fluoride treatment and dental sealants to protect enamel. All children’s checkups will be concluded with a simple fluoride varnish to remineralize and strengthen the enamel. As your child’s molars grow in, which usually occurs around six and again at 12 years of age, we can carefully apply protective dental sealants.

This coating serves as an additional layer of defense against bacteria and food particles on the very back teeth. We choose to apply these at the times in your child’s life when they are still developing the coordination and skills to brush and may inadvertently miss spots, especially their very back teeth.


Pain-Free Cavity Help

In the unlikely event that we discover a cavity, we can use a tooth-colored filling or dental crown to repair the area. Our compassionate team of doctors and assistants will take even more care at this appointment to ensure that your child has a positive experience. If your child is particularly apprehensive, we have laughing gas to help relax them for the procedure.

If your child’s cavities or apprehension are extensive, we are lucky enough to be located on the same block as a fabulous husband and wife pediatric dental team that we can refer to so that your child can be appropriately sedated for treatment.


Schedule Your Appointment

Please contact us today to schedule a children’s dentistry appointment. Dr. Janie Busk and Dr. Ryan Busk treat children and adults from Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Cashmere, Quincy, Peshastin, Orondo, Entiat, Leavenworth, and the surrounding Washington communities.

If this will be your child’s first visit, please review the information on our new patient page. Our family looks forward to treating yours during children’s dentistry appointments.