Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening

A smile is usually the first thing that you notice when you meet someone. What does your smile say about you?  We love to whiten our patients' teeth because it is often the most conservative way to change tooth color.

We notice that patients who complete whitening treatment tend to take a greater role in their own oral health.  Above all else, we want our patients to have the best oral health possible.

We also want them to confidently smile a smile they are proud to share!  To help our patients have the whitest smiles possible, we offer several whitening options and will work with you to select the best teeth whitening method for your needs.


zoom whitening system logo

Our ZOOM Lightspeed in-office whitening system can remove stains in enamel to lighten teeth up to eight shades in about an hour. You’ll come to our practice and leave with a whiter, more youthful smile in only a single appointment. Since the entire whitening process takes only a single appointment, it is ideal for busy patients who just aren’t sure they would be able to consistently wear whitening trays at home on a nightly basis.


At-Home Whitening

At-home whitening is ideal for people who would like to whiten their teeth on their own schedule. With this system, you’ll receive prescription gel and whitening trays, which are customized for your teeth for optimal results. Each day, you will load this gel into the trays and wear them for the recommended amount of time. The treatment time is usually about an hour, but each smile is unique, so follow the instructions provided by Dr. Busk or a member of our team. You’ll be able to reach your whitest smile within two weeks of using this method.

Both the in-office and at-home systems provide the same level of whitening, just at different speeds. While these systems can whiten your smile significantly, depending on your food and drink habits, your teeth may darken again over time.

Following an in-office whitening procedure, you will be given a set of custom whitening trays to take home with you and a tube of touch up gel to refresh your whitening and ensure the results are long-lasting.  Touch up gel is always available for either system should you want to whiten your teeth further.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more or if you would like to schedule an appointment.