Six Month Smiles: What You Need To Know

At Cashmere Family Dentistry, our team has years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics in Leavenworth and Cashmere. We offer a variety of different treatment options, including Six Month Smiles.

If you have minor issues with the placement and position of your teeth, and are not interested in Invisalign or traditional braces, Six Month Smiles may be the right choice for you.

How Does Six Month Smiles Work?

Six Month Smiles blends the best aspects of clear aligner orthodontics, such as Invisalign, and traditional metal braces. Six Month Smiles use a “Lucid-Lok” clear bracket system, as well as teeth-colored wires to reduce the visibility of the braces, so they are nearly invisible from a distance.

In addition, Six Month Smiles typically only focuses on straightening out minor issues with the front teeth of a patient. This means that the treatment time is much shorter than traditional comprehensive braces, which can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. In fact, Six Month Smiles is even shorter than Invisalign, which usually takes a full year.

With a nearly invisible design and a specialized system that uses low force to correct your teeth comfortably, Six Month Smiles provides great results, with an average treatment time of about 6 months.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Treatment?

Six Month Smiles is not right for everyone. This treatment is only used to correct minor cosmetic issues, such as slightly crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth. If you have serious orthodontic problems such as a poor bite structure or severely crooked teeth, other orthodontic treatments may be better suited for your needs.

However, if your teeth are healthy and do not have major alignment issues, Six Month Smiles is a great way to bring them into a better position, and make you feel more confident about your smile!

The only way to truly know if you are a candidate for treatment is with an exam from Dr. Ryan or Dr. Janie Busk of Cashmere Family Dentistry. Our doctors will go over your treatment options, and help you decide on the course of action that’s right for you!

What Are The Benefits Of Six Month Smiles?

If you’re considering Six Month Smiles, keep these benefits in mind:

  • Fast treatment times – Six Month Smiles provides faster results than any other orthodontic correction treatment on the market.
  • Low cost – Six Month Smiles are typically cheaper than both aligners and braces, because they require fewer appointments.
  • Comfortable, subtle design – With clear brackets and wires matched to the color of your teeth, Six Month Smiles are not nearly as obvious as traditional metal braces. They are also more comfortable than braces, with a more gentle, lower-tension design.

Come to Cashmere Family Dentistry – See if You’re a Candidate for Six Month Smiles!

Interested in cosmetic orthodontic correction with Six Month Smiles? Come in for an appointment at Cashmere Family Dentistry today. Dr. Ryan or Dr. Janie Busk will examine your mouth, and help you understand your options for orthodontic treatment, including Six Month Smiles.

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