Why Do I Need Sedation Dentistry?

Dr. Janie and Dr. Ryan of Cashmere Family Dentistry are here to shed some light on a topic that’s gaining traction, especially among older adults—sedation dentistry. If you’re in Cashmere or the surrounding areas and have wondered how to make your dental visits more comfortable, you’re in the right place.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Imagine this: You’re in the dentist’s chair, but instead of gripping the armrests like you’re on a roller coaster, you’re as cool as a cucumber. That’s sedation dentistry in a nutshell! It’s a way to use medication to help you relax during dental procedures. 

There are a few types of sedation to choose from. The lightest form is inhaled sedation, where you breathe in nitrous oxide—also known as “laughing gas.” It’s enough to make you feel light and breezy but not knock you out. Then there’s oral sedation, which involves taking a pill that helps you unwind a bit. IV sedation is an option for those who want to forget about their dental visit completely. It’s a deeper form of sedation administered through a vein. And for the full-on “wake me when it’s over” experience, there’s general anesthesia.

Why is this important for older adults? As we age, sitting still in a dental chair can get trickier. Plus, some of us have a lifetime of dental jitters. Sedation dentistry can make the whole experience a walk in the park—or at least a very relaxed visit to the dentist.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You

You might think sedation dentistry is only for those who are highly anxious or younger folks who can’t sit still. But let’s set the record straight: Sedation dentistry can also be ideal for adults and seniors. As we age, our tolerance for discomfort can decrease, and many folks get a little “white coat syndrome” when they visit a dental office. Sedation dentistry offers our Cashmere team a way to make these necessary visits more comfortable and less stressful.

For older adults, dental care often involves more than just routine cleanings. You might need crowns, bridges, or even dental implants. These procedures can be time-consuming and, for some, daunting. Sedation can ease the process, giving you the necessary care without the added stress. Think of it like having a pass to a more comfortable dental experience.

Another point to consider is the physical aspect. Remaining seated in a dental chair for a long time can be challenging as we age. Muscles get stiff, and it’s harder to stay in one position. Sedation can help here by allowing you to relax fully, making the experience less taxing on your body.

Lastly, for those who have a complex medical history or take multiple medications, sedation dentistry can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Your dentist will work closely with you to choose the most appropriate and safe form of sedation, considering your overall health and any medications you’re on.

In short, sedation dentistry isn’t just a luxury; it’s a practical option to make dental care more accessible and less stressful for older adults.

Why Do I Need Sedation Dentistry?

The Perks of Picking Sedation

So, you’re intrigued by sedation dentistry, but what’s in it for you? Let’s talk about the perks of sedation dentistry.

Ease and Comfort

First off, sedation dentistry is like the cozy blanket of dental care. It helps calm you down. It makes even the most complex procedures feel more manageable. No more counting the ceiling tiles or squeezing stress balls. You can relax.


Time is a precious commodity, especially as we get older. With sedation, you can often combine multiple procedures into one visit. That means fewer trips to the dentist and more time for the things you love. 

Less Sensitivity

As we age, our teeth and gums can become more sensitive. If the mere inkling of a dental drill sends shivers down your spine, sedation can help. It minimizes discomfort and sensitivity, making the experience as pleasant as possible.

Tailored to You

The best part? Sedation options can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you need just a little help to take the edge off or something stronger for a more involved procedure, there’s a sedation choice that’s right for you.

In a nutshell, sedation dentistry offers a more comfortable, efficient, and personalized dental experience. It’s like upgrading from coach to first class but for your teeth.

Who’s the Right Fit?

Considering whether or not sedation dentistry is best for you? The answer could very well be a resounding “Yes!” Especially for older adults, sedation dentistry can be a fantastic option. Here’s why:

Physical Comfort

Sitting in a dental chair for a long time sounds challenging. Sedation can make it easier on your body. It helps you relax, so you’re not shifting around trying to find a comfortable position.

Dental History

Have you had extensive dental work in the past? If so, you might be a prime candidate. Sedation can make those more prolonged procedures feel like a breeze.

Medication and Health

If you’re on multiple medications or have a complex medical history, don’t worry. Dr. Janie or Dr. Ryan will work with you to find a sedation option that’s both safe and effective.

Anxiety or Fear

Even if you’re not typically anxious, everyone has their moments. Sedation can help relieve the stress of dental visits. That way, you’ll have a more positive experience.

Why Do I Need Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry At Cashmere Family Dentistry

Dr. Janie and Dr. Ryan at Cashmere Family Dentistry believe dental care should be a positive experience for everyone, regardless of age. Sedation dentistry offers a way to make this happen, providing comfort, efficiency, and personalized care. If you’re in Cashmere or nearby and are curious to see if sedation dentistry is right for you, don’t hesitate. Schedule a free consultation today and take the first step toward a more comfortable dental experience.