What You Need To Know About Extracting Baby Teeth

With proper oral care, your child will likely never have to have a baby tooth extracted. However, extracting baby teeth can be necessary in some cases.

In this article, Cashmere Family Dentistry will discuss the basics about the extraction of baby teeth, and talk about ways in which you can make the process easier on your child if they must have a tooth extracted. Let’s get started!

Why Would A Baby Tooth Need To Be Extracted?

Usually, baby teeth are only extracted if they are seriously damaged. In a serious injury, for example, baby teeth may be cracked, loosened, or impacted, and may need to be removed.

A baby tooth that is significantly decayed or infected may also require extraction. If a filling or a root canal is not enough to save it, extraction is preferable, because it will prevent infection from spreading to the rest of the mouth, and eliminate the pain and toothache that your child is experiencing.

Extracting Baby Teeth – A Last Resort

It’s almost always better for a baby tooth to be preserved, whenever possible. This is because premature extraction of a baby tooth can lead to complications when adult teeth begin to erupt. Baby teeth or “primary” teeth help form a “pathway” that adult teeth follow when they begin to erupt, usually around the age of 4-7.

When a baby tooth is extracted before the permanent tooth erupts, the other teeth may shift to fill in the gap, which can cause complications. At our Leavenworth family dentistry practice, tooth extraction is always a last resort. Drs. Janie and Ryan Busk will do everything they can to save your child’s tooth, and preserve its natural structure.

How To Make Tooth Extraction Easier For Your Child

In the rare case that you child needs a baby tooth extracted, there are several things you can do to make the process easier, and less scary. Here are our best tips:

  • Choose the right dentist – You want to choose a family dentist in Cashmere that specializes in pediatric care. At Cashmere Family Dentistry, both Dr. Janie and Dr. Ryan Busk treat children with kindness and care, ensuring that they are comfortable throughout the process.
  • Consider sedation – Though it depends on the age of your child, Cashmere Dentistry can offer a variety of sedation options that will make the extraction procedure easier, and ensure minimal discomfort.
  • Follow all aftercare instructions from your dentist – After a tooth is pulled, Dr. Ryan or Dr. Janie Busk will give you a comprehensive set of aftercare instructions. Your child should avoid hard foods and the use of straws for at least 24 hours. Make sure to monitor your child and make sure that they are following instructions properly.

Got More Questions About Baby Teeth? Come To Our Family Dentist In Leavenworth!

Whether your child may need a tooth pulled, or you just have more questions about baby teeth and how they are treated by pediatric dentists, come to our Leavenworth family dental office today! Dr. Ryan Busk and Dr. Janie Busk can answer all of your questions, and examine your little one to make sure their oral health is on the right track. Contact Cashmere Family Dentistry at (509) 761-6209, or come into our office at 209 Aplets Way, Cashmere, WA 98815.